Digital Drums

Hey everyone!

Since this is my first post, I think I would like to introduce myself. My name is Paul Stevens. I’m mostly just a musician, but I’m a fan of all things in the arts. Whether it’s music, painting, dance, or theatre, I’m a fan. In general, While I consider drums my first love, I am a computer programmer by trade. But this blog is not about computer programming and the boring things that go along with it, no, this is a blog about music.

Music and Technology

Music and technology are closely related. While music is advanced by the artists, technology has played a huge role in advancement as well. If it were not for the invention of synthesizers, we wouldn’t have so much of the great pop music around. If it weren’t for the invention of the forte piano, we wouldn’t have any of the great classical composers. And if it weren’t for the cavemen pulling animal skins over hollowed out logs, we wouldn’t have drums. So as you can see, music and technology are closely related. If you want more interesting information about drumming related things, a friend of mine has a great site where he posts plenty of interesting articles with regards to drumming.

Digital Drums

Digital drumming is a much newer advancement in musical technology. Originally, the idea was to eliminate the need to hire a drummer, thus drum machines were invented. These days, we still want the drummer, but the reasons for going digital are much more numerous than before.

Keep it Down

One reason is that drums are much too loud. Drum sets are loud, and they can fill a room quickly. If you are running a sound booth, it’s nice to have complete control over the volume of the drums. Have you ever been living in an apartment complex before? People make complaints over someone walking from their couch the refrigerator. Now imagine how much they would complain if you were drumming at full volume. Electronic drumming makes things a little more helpful in terms of keeping the volume down.

Make Some Cool Sounds

Digital drums make some of the coolest sounds ever. The themes of today’s music is heavily influenced by digital sounds. The electronic sounds of the 80’s are coming back, and are more popular than ever. With an electronic drum set, you are able to make all sorts of cool things happen. They sounds don’t even have to be drum related.

Make a Recording

If you are into recording music, you know that it can be an expensive endeavor. The hardest thing for anyone to record are drums. Drums are difficult to engineer, and they require a lot of expensive compressors and microphones for quality recordings. Digital drums makes this all easy since you can record to midi. This way, you can trigger every drum hit, and place it wherever you want, and assign any sounds you want. This is a popular way for metal bands to make their double kick work sounds incredibly accurate.

Where do I get Them?

If you are still reading this blog, that means that you are probably interested in electronic drums. Well, they are definitely a worthwhile investment if you are looking to keep things quiet, need to make a recording, or at the very least want to have some fun. I’ve made some links to a few websites that you might find helpful when looking for electronic drums. This site I’m most looking forward to, however, is This site is created by a friend of mine, and he know’s exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to digital drumming technology.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my first post.


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